Friday, October 17, 2014

Glitter Deer

Happy Friday Everyone!! I was up on the Southern Ridge blog the other day sharing probably the only Christmas card I'll make this year!! lol 
 lol I'm not a card maker, but when I saw these awesome chipboard deer from Southern Ridge I knew I wanted to make a Christmas card with him! 

Now, I'll tell you all a little story about how this adorable deer came about...I started off wanting to paint him I did...then I didn't like it on the background, so I thought he would be cool to be embossed with pewter embossing powder! So I went about making him...then my heat gun sparked and died :( Sooooo...I thought I'd try my Jamberry wasn't hot enough...but I've embossed with an iron before...only I don't own one! HA! The jig is up! I don't iron my clothes!@ lol I DO however own a flat thought I'd try that! I tested it out on a scrap piece of paper and it worked awesomely....but a piece of paper is a lot thinner than a piece of chipboard...sooooo....I tried it anyway...and it worked....kinda....but a little bit TOO good! lol it melted the embossing powder in places...So now I'm left with a pewter, whiteish dripping mess of a deer! lol My last resort was to cover it in glue and use this amazing Distress Glitter that I am ashamed to say I've had since it came out and haven't opened! Well, I think it kind of saved the day don't you?! I'm in love with my little deer again! And it doesn't look like the bad guy sidekick to the Terminator (ya know...melting molten metal? no? lol) 

The background was done using Hero Arts Daubers and just dabbing them on the background randomly...I think I'm in love with it! lol 

Well there you have it! I hope you like it! :) Have an awesome weekend!! 



  1. Wow ... you went through a lot to get him to look that good ... LOL!! I loveeeeeeeeee it!! He turned out FABULOUS!!!!!!!!

  2. Looks so awesome Sarah. This is such a fun card!


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