Thursday, November 28, 2013

Rockin the Cloth

Happy Thanksgiving to all my crafty American Peeps!! I hope you're having a fabulous day eating turkey and being grateful! 

I wanted to share a layout with you I made a while ago when I was playing along with a layout tag at Scrapbook Nerd. Have you ever played layout tag? It's so fun! It starts off with the first person finding an inspiration layout. They email you that layout, and you have 2 days to make your own using the first one for inspiration. Then you send yours off and the next person uses yours for inspiration and so on and so on. Then when everyone else has made their layouts, we post all the layouts in a thread. It's really fun to see how different the layouts usually are from the first one and to see how people were inspired by different things in the layout!

I just love this picture of Linden in his tiny cloth diaper!! He looks so cute! I haven't done cloth diapers for any of my other boys, but I have been brought over to the dark side with Linden and I honestly wish I would have used them for every boy! They're really not much harder (one extra load of laundry every other day) and that's about it! I just love all the cute patterns they have! They make for extra fun embellishment matching on layouts!! lol

Have a great weekend!




  1. Gorgeous! Loving the colors, the layers and that photo!!!!

  2. How adorable Sarah.
    I used clock diapers with my two oldest. I love the environmental aspect of it.

  3. Such a fun page, Sarah! Really love this design and the different layers you created! And your little guy is such a cutie!


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