Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nerd Kit :)

Well, it's been a while since my last post. I am actually managing to get some scrapping done these days, but that's about it! Linden doesn't like to nap during the day, and he's very tired, therefore very cranky. So I hold him and I nurse him, and that's about all I manage to do in a day! I wear him in my Ergo carrier and can manage to sweep the floors and vacuum and do the odd other thing, but I haven't mastered dishes with that thing yet! 

I made this layout before I even had Linden out of my kit that I got from the fabulous ladies at Scrapbook Nerd. My layout was made using the Echo Park Photo Freedom "Today's Story" collection. I just love this collection! It definitely makes easy work of scrapbooking! Which is totally something I need right now with my crazy busy life right now!

I love that there are these cut apart pages with 6x12 journaling blocks so you can have a lot of room to tell your story if you so happen to have a lot to say! These pictures where from a "date night" that Ethan and I had...although he doesn't like it when I say we went on a date! lol I won tickets to see the band "Chiliwack" and he really wanted to come with me, so I took him. They played about 4 songs, and he started crying because it was too loud! I didn't really care if we left or not because they were free tickets and I was pretty much only going because he wanted to go, so we went for ice cream instead! 

And here's a few close ups:

You can get all of these fabulous products when you go and visit the Scrapbook Nerds and when you're there, go check out their fabulous forum! There's always something fun going on there! 

Well, I should go fold some laundry while Linden is sleeping before I have to pick up the boys at school! 



Saturday, September 7, 2013

You Float My Boat

I made this layout a while ago, when the Paper Bakery sketch first came out, but it's taken me a while to get some time to sit on the computer and blog this one! As it is, I have time today because Linden has decided he only wants to nap on me, so I am currently wearing him in my Moby wrap and blogging while enjoying a coffee :) I can't complain too much, except it makes it difficult to get much else done. There are currently a load of dirty cloth diapers in my bathtub waiting for me to stain treat them before they go into the wash...hopefully I will get those done in a bit :) But until then, I am going to enjoy looking at my little boy sleeping peacefully on my chest. I know it goes by way too fast!

Already, he looks waaaay different than this picture that I scrapped of him with his adorable little owl toque on.

I couldn't help myself when I took this picture he just looked soooo stinkin cute I knew I had to scrap it right away!

I used my Cameo to cut the circle background and then added some other vellum die cuts, wood pieces and flair into the circles.

The title is a vellum piece too, but I backed it onto a piece of kraft cardstock then cut it out so it stood out better.

I added a few strips of washi and some mist drops and called it a day!

here's the sketch I used:

Well, Linden just woke up, so that's all for today! Hope you liked my layout! Don't forget to follow my blog on bloglovin!!



Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First day of School...Last day at Camp! :(

I was quite terrified of today to be perfectly honest! I think most moms are jumping up and down for joy at the thought of their kids going back to school, but I was dreading the new routine with a four week old baby! That's right! Can you believe Linden is already four weeks old today?! Can you tell he loves his carseat?! lol That thing is the bane of his little existence! lol

As much as I was really afraid of getting 4 kids ready to leave the house by 7:50am today, I actually managed it just fine! 1 day down...a million more to go! lol We were a teeeeeeny bit late this morning though, because we had to have a little photo shoot before getting in the car! The kids totally hammed it up too!

I can't believe how big they're all getting! My babies are all growing up!

I think I notice it in Caleb the most! How stinkin cute is that kid?!

Kieran was sooooo excited and a little bit overwhelmed to be starting his first year of preschool, but luckily, big brother Caleb is there with him too!

They also all wanted to show off their backpacks! 

Ethan was NOT into smiling for his "at my desk in grade 3" picture, so I had to make super goofy faces to make him laugh and I finally got one!! 

The boys were way too excited to get into their class, so this was the best I could do for them!

I have to go pick up Ethan in a few minutes, so I will find out how his first day of grade 3 went soon! I can't wait to see how it was!

On a sad note, today is the last day for Summer Camp with the Scrapbook Nerds! I've had such a blast playing along and hosting challenges this summer! I had to squeeze in one last challenge before it was over! Michelle challenged us to use arrows, which is not hard at all considering how trendy they are in scrapbooking these days! I had these pictures of our first family fishing trip that I was dying to scrapbook! I've got so many summer pictures from this year left that I really have to get them done before I'm in the mood for fall layouts (which will happen really soon I can tell!)

So just because Summer Camp is over at Scrapbook Nerd, doesn't mean there isn't going to be a lot of great stuff going on there in the very near future! We've got some very exciting things up our sleeves!! And don't forget to go do some shopping over there too! They've got a FABULOUS supply of all things crafty!!

Well, I'm off to go pick up Ethan! Now we have to get used to doing homework again! Yikes!!